Home for the Holidays.

Home for the Holidays?

Here are some tips from Transitional Wisdom!

Be sure to listen to Episode 20 titled Home for the Holidays to hear how we navigate the experience. The episode can be found on itunes here or on podbean here.


If there is a concern that others will misgender you or not use the correct name, consider a name tag or name/pronoun card. Something tangible that can serve as a reminder to others will also save you from having to ‘explain yourself’ over and over. Also, keep in mind that the majority of people are not out to hurt others and this can be just as much as a ‘transition’ as it is for you. Judge the intent behind the words, not the words themselves.


Do you have a friend, partner, or sibling that is willing to serve as a buffer? Allow them to take charge of reminding others of your name and pronouns, let them ‘set the standard, so to speak. And if you are comfortable with this idea- let them handle the corrections. This will save you the stress and anxiety of having to correct people. Also, consider allowing your ‘buffer’/buddy to have these conversations BEFORE the gathering/celebration, this will allow the conversations to be focused on something other than your gender identity. 


If you feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or for whatever reason unable to be around family then remember- that is valid. There is NOTHING wrong with saying ‘thanks, but no thanks’. A huge part of transitioning revolves around self care, and that starts with putting ourselves (our physical AND mental health) first. If that means you set up a solo ‘Netflix and chill’ day filled with all your favorite foods and movies, so be it! Don’t let society or others dictate how your holidays should LOOK, it matters more how you FEEL during them. 

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