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I stab myself- clutch. 
Gripped tight flesh, remain loose to drop, settle, prep. Wipe away top layered skin in cloth. 
Scrub, glide & touch. 
Draw the liquid in & slide the marker-
Flick away the oxygen flow.
Examine, measure, re-examine-
A sting & sometimes muscle twitch, bounce.
Relax I think, it's temporary.
Breath out slow.
The draw must be patient to avoid blood escaping vein. 
I watch the needle, holding it steady, careful not to fondle the syringe too much so as to scratch & carve in muscle.
So much flesh, so little liquidity. 
Syrupy in nature, it's my choice to freedom.
Examined chin- daily.
Examine face- hourly. 
Re-speak once already used words.
Regulatory testing of difference & change. 
Looking for longer whiskers & thicker golden thread. Speaking to listen for grit & depth beyond soft breath. 
Breathing, gripping & releasing the pinning pain. 
My needle & me.


About the writer.

Known as Morgan Austin in written word-

@macprintmaker is an artist & advocate working within art & design school admissions. Portland, OR born and raised he currently resides in Columbus, OH.

Morgan is passionate about speaking up for his LGBT community, particularly for the high school students he works with in his career. With a background in Printmaking, he's fascinated by people and enjoys illustrating the strangers he encounters on his travels.

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