Elliott Fagan Ceramics


Elliott Fagan

Pronouns: He/Him

Age: 32

Current Location: Pittsburgh, PA



How and when did you learn to create pottery?

I learned pottery in high school, at North Allegheny. My instructor was a practicing artist whose wife taught honors art as well, and took me on my first trip to NYC to experience the New York art scene. I was introduced to raku at this time and was able to take pieces to the Brew House Studio in the South Side of Pittsburgh to be fired at their raku pit.

What’s the first piece you made?

The first piece I made was over 15 years ago and has long escaped my memory. But the first piece I ever sold was a honey glazed honey pot with a lid. My mother is a painter and as a teenager with a rather large production of pottery for my age I began bringing my work with me to her art shows. Now, at 32, having studied studio art and cultural studies in college at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, I've spent almost a decade doing work with disabled individuals with special needs. I have rekindled my passion for ceramics and am now back at it!


What’s your favorite type of piece to make?

That honey pot was my favorite piece, and the first to find a home in another's world. That was a joy.

What inspires you to create?

I specialize in Pagan inspired pieces that can be used for ritual and daily use. I hand build and throw, and include a variety of materials in many of my pieces. The most common being driftwood and forest branches I've foraged from around the region. I want what is inside your home to have the energy and elements of the outside. Everything I do is done with love and respect for the environment, and filled with love and positive energy. To be able to put that energy into a piece that is going to live with you in your home is a privilege that cannot be understated.

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