ONE NIGHT film by Elliott Feliciano


Elliott Feliciano

Pronouns: they/them or he/him

How do you identify?: trans non-binary

Age: 35

Current location: Los Angeles, CA

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I am a trans-Latinx writer/director. I recently wrote a short film titled One Night, which I will be directing in Chicago during the month of June. On Monday, March 5th, we go live with our Seed&Spark crowdfund campaign. Aside from myself, the lead actor is trans-Latinx, and my crew is heavily queer.

What is the WHY behind your work?

I wrote this film due to the lack of positive trans and Latinx representation in film and TV. Growing up, I watched a plethora of film and TV, but I never saw myself in any of those mediums. Most films were primarily about white, cisgender, male and female characters. If there were any Latinx or LGBTQ representation, it was for comedic relief or they were painted in a negative light. And we were never the leads. I grew tired of not seeing myself represented, or misrepresented, in those mediums and have decided to make films that put LGBTQ and people of color at the forefront.

More information about the film and ways to support their crowdfunding campaign can be found here.

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One Night is the story of Alex (a trans/non-binary Puerto Rican) who returns to Chicago to retrieve the ashes of their estranged father. While in town they reconnect with Mari, their grade school crush (who is queer). They spend one night together re-exploring Chicago while reminiscing about their Catholic school days and falling for each other. It's a love story and an ode to Chicago wrapped into one.

Check out more of Elliott on Instagram: @e.i.feliciano

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