Binder Exchange Program


Thanks to our amazing partnership with GC2B, Transitional Wisdom is able to provide a free chest binder to any trans* person who is unable to afford or safely acquire one.

Name *
Please note: we require that you visit the GC2B website, measure for your appropriate size and select your size based off of their seizing char. This is for your safety! We will not be able to accept returns or exchanges as a result of the sizing being incorrect.
Please note, we cannot promise you will get the exact color/style combo requested, but we will do our absolute best. The only thing we guarantee is you will receive the size you selected.
Will this be your first binder? Do you already have one but it is worn out and unsafe/ineffective to continue using?
Unfortunately, we have a limited number of binders to donate and ask that you only apply to this program if you are unable to purchase one or if it is unsafe for you to do so.